about us

Who we are

Just Trip is an Australian start-up with a mission to help independent travellers travel differently.

Our vision

Just Trip empowers independent travellers to authentically connect with community and culture.

We believe in enabling travellers to fearlessly uncover a destination on their own terms by providing in-depth, structured information with a mobile-first mindset.

Where we began

Just Trip began with the belief that travellers want a comprehensive guide when visiting a new city – especially one in the palm of their hands that is enabled with navigation, visual storytelling, local recommendations, bookings, and other forward-thinking functionality.

The idea for Just Trip was born out of curiosity for the significance of a beautiful statue on a trip to Madrid in 2018. Unable to find any information about it, that moment sparked the idea from Just Trip’s founder, Craig McIntosh, for an innovative mobile-first travel guide app – built from day one for the digital generation.

Where we are now

Just Trip offers meticulously researched guides for gateway cities of the world on both Android and iOS, with over 4,200+ places of interest curated from local experts. Our app provides in-depth city guides, health and safety information, locally curated or editable walking routes, bookings, and much, much more. Plus – both English and Mandarin languages are currently available.

Just Trip connects users to a like-minded, global community of travellers which is especially refreshing and appealing to independent Chinese travellers who want to feel part of this community. By providing guides written by locals which are then natively translated into Mandarin, Just Trip has a strong and unique position in the Chinese market. Just Trip has transformed access to information about authentic, local hotspots for Chinese travellers.

Where we’re going

Just Trip aims to disrupt traditional travel habits by giving independent travellers an app for all stages of the travel journey; inspiration, planning, booking, exploring and sharing. With 13 city guides and counting, we are continuously improving and updating our authentic places of interest with input from our community. We aim to create a community of like-minded independent travellers who are inspired to travel fearlessly!

Start-up competitions

Intelak 2022 – Just Trip was a Top 12 Finalist in the 2022 Intelak incubator programme, sponsored by Emirates Airlines and Dubai Tourism.   Over 200 global startups applied to the programme.

WiT Global Startup Pitch 2022 – in addition, out of 130+ applicants from around the world, Just Trip was a Top 18 Finalist in this hotly contested programme.

The 醬游 Just Trip name reads as “醬游 Jiàngyóu” which means 醬Sauce and 游Travel.  However the name sounds like either “这样 游 Zhèyàng yóu”, meaning 这样Just and 游 Trip/Travel, or “酱油 Jiàngyóu”, meaning 酱油 Soy Sauce.  The name is intentionally catchy, short, memorable and playful because of its double meanings.

And as the guides are available in both Mandarin and English, the use of a combined Mandarin – English name is somewhat appropriate!

We are based in the Sydney region of Australia, but our software, translating, marketing and freelance writing teams extends our reach to Melbourne, Spain, Amsterdam, England, Germany, Italy, South Africa, and China!