our team

The team at 醬游 Just Trip is made up of a wide range of backgrounds and skills, but we all share the same passion for publishing travel information into your smartphone in an interesting, engaging and fun format!

Craig McIntosh

Founder and CEO

Craig is a Chartered Accountant by training with extensive experience in the finance and travel industries. Craig is married and has three children. Craig was born in South Africa and has lived in Brazil, the USA, Zambia and now lives in the beautiful Southern Highlands of Australia. He has also travelled extensively to over 50 countries in all corners of the world! The 醬游 Just Trip idea was developed by Craig McIntosh during a family holiday to Europe in July 2018.

Favourite cities

Lisbon, Rome, Melbourne

Emma De Bont

Operations Manager

Emma is Australian born, but has travelled the world extensively and loves nothing more than researching, planning and taking overseas holidays! Emma's career has been varied, from working in finance in Western Australia to hospitality in the United Kingdom, after which she worked in the holiday rentals industry along the beautiful coast to the south of Sydney. Emma is the first employee of 醬游 Just Trip and is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the content that goes into making the guides so special - the software development, the freelance writers, photos and more photos, as well as anything else that is needed to help make the business a success!

Favourite cities

New York, London and both Granada's (Spain and Nicaragua!)

Sabrina Yao (Yao Jia)

Assistant Operations Manager

Born and currently living in China, Sabrina lived in Australia for more than 10 years where she worked as a College Adviser and Youth Worker in high schools. She loves traveling, arts, music, handcrafts and yoga. An intrepid traveller, Sabrina has been to many countries in Europe and Asia, as well as the USA, and many places in Australia and China. She loves traveling independently, creating impressive itineraries with many unique features, and always tries to dig into the deep culture of the destination wherever she goes. She believes traveling ignites our life, opens our hearts and helps us to discover who we really are. There are still so many places that Sabrina is eager to explore and share the beauty with others.

Favourite cities

Prague, Venice and Chengdu

Huanxin Xiong

Chief Information Officer

With extensive experience and enthusiasm for computer science, Huanxin has worked as a programmer and team leader in China for more than 8 years. He has experience in frontend, backend, iOS, Android, database and AI development. Huanxin is therefore responsible for the company's IT and server hardware, as well as all aspects of the development and maintenance of the 酱游 Just Trip App and content management system. When not at his desk, Huanxin loves to drive in the countryside, under a blue sky, white clouds and green mountains! Huanxin wishes to travel to all corners of the world in future, and to share his experiences through 酱游 Just Trip.

Favourite cities

New York, Bangkok, Hong Kong

Yayi Wang

Translations and Digital Marketing

Yayi is based in Melbourne, Australia and has extensive experience working in digital marketing, specialising in WeChat marketing, WeChat Moments advertising and other digital marketing strategies for reaching a Chinese audience. Most importantly, Yayi is in charge of our Mandarin translation services which includes Mandarin text and our Mandarin voice overs. Yayi has been an advisor to 醬游 Just Trip since its inception!

Favourite cities

Tokyo, Hangzhou, Reykjavik

Yixin Zhang

Mandarin Voice Overs

Yixin Zhang is the voice of 醬游 Just Trip - literally. Whenever you listen to an audio file, it will be her voice that you are hearing. Yixin lives in China and will probably be the only member of our team that will have ready every single one of our points of interest. Each guide contains a minimum of 150 points of interest that Yixin must provide a voice over for, so we keep her busy!

Favourite cities

Brisbane, Singapore, Helsinki

Michelle Zhu

UX/UI Designer

Michelle is the UX/UI Designer of the JustTrip mobile app. She loves the process of translating the business requirements into a functional, usable and aesthetically pleasing design that meets user needs. She works closely with Emma, the account manager and the development team to bring the product to life. Born and raised in China, Michelle came to Australia a few years ago on a working holiday adventure and fell in love with Melbourne. Being an adrenaline-junkie, she felt the thrill of tandem skydiving from 14,000ft over Whitsundays Islands in Queensland, and is determined to cross Bungy Jumping off her bucket list in Queenstown, New Zealand in the near future.

Favourite cities

Guangzhou, Melbourne, Paris

Brandy Bell

Freelance Writer

Brandy is a freelance travel writer, willing house sitter, creative producer, and Spainaholic. For that reason, she calls Madrid home! Originally from California, Brandy has travelled extensively in Europe and South East Asia, but has everywhere on her travel wish list! Brandy loves spending hours on the internet researching places, comments and recommendations - before she sets out on her own adventures.

Favourite cities

Marrakech, Istanbul, and Lisbon


Freelance Writer

Rijk is from the Netherlands and whilst he has lived in Amsterdam for many years, he is still discovering the hidden treasures of his home city, as well as exploring its intricate history. Rijk enjoys drinking natural wines in the company of a good novel, sampling stinky cheeses at the market, or visiting one of the city’s many independent cinemas. Rijk counts Oost (the east of Amsterdam) among his favourite neighbourhoods. He also loves to escape the bustle of the city centre in the beautiful gothic Oude Kerk (Old Church), one of his most cherished buildings. Rijk is a keen cyclist and if he is not happily cycling around Amsterdam, you will most likely find him doing the same in Rotterdam!

Favourite cities

Amsterdam, Berlin, Warsaw, Antwerp

Ilana D Weissz

Freelance Writer

An avid travel blogger and freelance writer, Ilana has lived in Berlin for 10 years. During this time, she has travelled all over Germany, and a bit of the world as well, sharing her best tips with a diverse audience. Having visited over 100 towns and cities in Germany, Ilana is happy to inspire other travellers to discover her homeland with its castles, historical old cities and beautiful nature. Her global travels have taken her to 34 countries...and counting - especially in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Ilana's favorite challenge is to discover a city by foot, walking its streets, camera in hand - sharing her discoveries with her readers.

Favourite cities

Berlin, Hamburg, New Orleans, Kyoto, Budapest

Phoebe Taylor

Freelance Writer

Originally from the UK, Phoebe caught the travel bug with a camping trip to Ireland’s wild West coast aged four. Since then, she has travelled the globe and has worked as a remote, freelance writer since 2017. Phoebe has written for Culture Trip, the Singapore Tatler, and Matador Network, and has created content for clients such as Google and Hostelworld. Along the way, she has lived and worked in locations including Seoul, Jeju Island, Singapore, London, and Bangkok. In her spare time, she can normally be found outdoors, by the ocean, or hunting for the best live music in town.

Favourite cities

Seoul, London, Singapore, Stockholm, Ascoli Piceno

Hayley Simpson

Freelance Writer

Hayley is an Australian freelance writer, professional coffee maker and travel blogger. She was born in Perth, grew up in Townsville and has lived in Brisbane, Vancouver and Melbourne. Her blog, Hayley on Holiday, features solo travel tips, expat advice and informative guides for cities around the world. When she is not travelling or writing, Hayley can usually be found reading a romance novel or watching the latest hit on Netflix.

Favourite cities

Melbourne, Edinburgh, Vancouver, Paris

Sharon Waugh

Freelance Writer

Sharon is a writer, cruise ship entertainment host and freelance unicorn wrangler. She is currently taking a break from her seafaring adventures to explore some more landlocked locations from her homebase in Johannesburg, South Africa. She likes to photograph a plastic lawn flamingo on her travels because it seemed like a good idea ten years ago and 54 countries later, it’s probably too late to turn back now!

Favourite cities

Havana, Miami, Valletta

Esme Fox

Freelance Writer

Esme Fox is a professional travel journalist based in Barcelona. She has written for Lonely Planet, Rough Guides and BBC Travel, as well as several travel and airline magazines. She has also co-authored a few guidebooks, including the Rough Guide to Spain. Esme was born in England, but brought up in the Philippines and Uganda, so travel was part of her life from a very early age!

Favourite cities

Barcelona, Seville, Buenos Aires, New York,Havana

Clémence Benchehida

Freelance Writer

As a Parisian living in Spain, travelling is an integral part of Clémence's life. She has been working in digital Marketing for 10 years, which enabled her to mix travel & professional encounters. She loves to share her passion for discovering new cities and places all around the world. She used to live in Australia where she discovered the wilderness of nature. Since then she continues crossing the world to seek natural wonders (spotting leopard sharks in Mozambique) or experiencing great cultural and musical events.

Favourite cities

Paris, Lisbon, Melbourne, Hambourg, Barcelona, Edinburgh.